Ivonne Camacho
CEO & Creative Director

Ivonne Camacho is the CEO, Creative Director and founder of AbsolutModerne, a PR company that specializes in luxury and lifestyle leading edge online media branding. Live events with the company include New York and Paris Fashion Week, Oscar Night in Los Angeles, philanthropy galas, business launches, and VIP events. Ivonne is an expert in tailoring the needs of her clients to help promote and build a following for their designs and businesses.

Internationally renowned couture designer Zang Toi, author, businesswoman and human-rights activist, Mitzi Perdue, philanthropist, Rick Galvin of The Carol Galvin Foundation for women with cancer and Madison Avenue’s Sahag Workshop for hair design are just a few of AbsolutModerne’s recently featured celebrity personalities or organizations.

A seasoned veteran of the fashion industry with 25 years of experience merchandising, designing and searching the globe for current trends. She was responsible for purchasing samples throughout Europe, Japan, Seoul, Hong Kong and opened sampling units in Sri Lanka. Ivonne’s expertise lent itself easily to the emergence of social media. Her wildly popular fashion-inspired “Coffee, Tea & Tees” account which evolved from her expert eye for immerging designers, latest trends and passion for sumptuous fashion recently became a mainstay for her loyal followers who were witnessing dramatic changes in the industry due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Her loyal online community made it clear that they wanted more of what Ivonne was excellent at offering: fierce commitment to edgy elegance and fashion. “This is what my followers wanted because it reminded them of what they love about fashion, an escape into the exquisite aesthetic of color, texture and fantasy, which seemed to be more important than ever even as the industry and world was changing overnight.” Her team at AbsolutModerne immediately saw opportunity with seasoned designers who quickly had to change their products to meet function over fashion and it wasn’t long before she helped her followers and clients embrace lifestyle branding as the new luxury.

Fall 2019 saw the NYFW runways come alive with Ivonne’s brainchild, The Models of Philanthropy, a collection of dynamic women ages 35+ of New York hand selected by her to walk in support of women who are fighting cancer through The Carol Galvin Foundation. The Models of Philanthropy took the audience by storm and the event not only supported philanthropy but helped launch a few new designers. AbsolutModerne’s collaboration with The Carol Galvin Foundation brought the entire event to NYFW Spring 2020 with even wider appeal and some new faces. “I wanted to celebrate the elegance of women over 35 and beyond and remind people that beauty is timeless and fashion does have a role in philanthropy.” It was a wildly successful collaboration and Ivonne looks forward to doing more of these events as soon as they are possible.

Ivonne’s early introduction to the business came through legendary fashion designer Oleg Cassini, who was both an inspiration and personal mentor during her fashion education in New York at FIT, ensuring she would have all of the critical foundational elements that the industry demands. Her commitment to business with integrity, bringing the right people together for common goals and evolving with the daily changes in the industry while having fun is the foundation of AbsolutModerne and a perfect reflection of its founder.

Ivonne thanks her many friends, business associates and special people she feels were placed in her path when least expected. “So many have helped me in my journey to finally create AbsolutModerne. This is truly a place where my love of fashion, creativity and empowering others has become one. Most of all I would like to thank my beloved mother, Marita for inspiring and nurturing to become the person I am today.”

Oleg Cassini

Oleg Cassini